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Here's a directory of places we like, primarily in Salvador but also elsewhere.

To refresh you when visiting the Pelourinho district

  • Glacier "Laporte" : 21, Largo do Cruzeiro de São Francisco - Wonderful icecreams
  • Restaurant "Jardim das delicias" : Rua Joao de Deus - Fruit juices serve in the backroom of an antics shop.

Good restaurants in the Pelourinho

  • Restaurant "la villa Bahia" : 16/18, Largo do Cruzeiro de São Francisco - A mixt of french and bahian cuisine in an old house of the historical disctrict.
  • Restaurant "Escola Senac" : Praça José de Alencar, 13 - Salvador school for hotel and restaurant management. it means good service, fair prices and local cuisine : it makes sens !
  • Restaurant "Maria Mata Mouro" (www) : Rua Inàcio de Accioli 8
  • Restaurant “Ramma” : Praça do Cruzeiro de São Francisco, 7 - Organic cuisine
  • Restaurant "Mama Bahia" : 21, Rua Alfredo Brito
  • Restaurant "O cravinhno" (www)
Good restaurants not far from Noa Noa

Very close, less than a 10mn walk ...

  • Pizzeria "Quattro Amici" : 35, Rua Dom Marcos Teixeira - Pizzas for sure but not only, in a very nice place. One of the oldest (ware)house of the neighbohood. Good service and well prepared cuisine.
  • Restaurant "Pereira" (www): 3959, Avenida Sete de Setembro - Some kind of a "cool-chic" brewery with a nice terrace overlooking the bay. Inside, cosy room but 10 below zero, so get a coat and a cap. As anywhere in Brazil, more it's freezing more it's "chic" ; may be it's the countrary !?... But good foods and an attentive service.
  • Restaurant "Cabana da Cely" (www): 183, Av. Almirante Marquês de Leão - Restaurants "caranguejos" (crabs) ou "camarãos" (shrimps) are very popular in Salvador during the evening, drinking a lot of icy beers. This large "hut" is a must in this kind of place, for what you eat and for the brazilian ambience. A least, it's a 2mn walk from Noa Noa !
  • Restaurant "Barravento" : Av. Oceanica (Barra beach, ocean side) - here the best is not in your plate, but in the landscape. Ordinary cuisine, but a large terrace under a huge canopy, with a view over the Barra beach and the ocean. Can we make a proposal ?! Stop at the entrance and ask for an acarajés to the "zouzou" (lady in white) and taste it with a drink on the terrace.

In the neighborhood "Jardim Brasil", at 15mn from Noa Noa ...
This lively district may be your "den" in the evening. Several botecos (bars) are aligned side by side, all equipped with terraces overlooking the busy street.

  • Restaurant Santo Antonio (www) :  Rua Recife, 64 - Happy Hour
  • Bar Musical Bohemia Pilsen (www) : Bar Rua Belo Horizonte, nº 177

At the "shopping Barra", a 10 mn walk from No Noa …

  • Tokai (www) : Shopping Barra, Ground floor - Oriental restaurant.
  • ... and lots of fast food of all kinds, on the ground floor to the "praca of "praça de alimentação".

Japanese restaurants

If it seems strange to you talking about Japanese cuisine here, almost as if it was a local specialty, you have to know that Brazil hosts the largest Japanese community in the world outside of Japan. As a result, the Brazilians are crazy about sushi and they are found everywhere. Global village: does it mean something to you...?!

  • Shiro (www) :   Rua Florida, 41, Graça – In Graça district, between Barra and Victoria, you would find the best of the japanese cuisine. Close from the Carlos Pinto Fondation and the Rodin Museum in Bahia (Palacetes das Artes).
  • Soho (www) : 1010, Av. Lafaiete Coutinho, Pier B, Bahia Marina. Tel: (71) 3322.4554 - "classy" by the sea, next to the Salvador Marina. Cool-chic and colorful ambience, with related prices.


  • Fogo de Chão (www): 4, Praça Colombo, Rio vermelho - The "top" in brazilian churrascaria. Several restaurants in Brazil and abroad (USA), the one in Salvador being the last of this chain. High prices but is worth for the money.
  • Boi Preto (www): Av. Otávio Mangabeira, frente AeroClube. Tel: (71)3362.8844 - Older than Fogo de Chão, but very good too. It was the best place few months ago.
  • Villa's (www): 2326, Av. Otávio Mangabeira, Jardim dos namorados, Pituba - More democratic, this churrascaria is on the shore line, in the neighborhood of Pituba. Same owner that Boi preto. Very nice buffet and aboundance of all kinds of meat.  Then, a walk in the  "Lovers garden" by the sea.
  • Tourão : 1, Rua Sergipe, Pituba - A "popular" churrascaria in Pituba. Economic but good option for those who have empty pockets.

Farther in Salvador (taxi required) ...

Good addresses for Bahian cuisine

  • Paraiso Tropical : (www) : R. Edgar Loureiro, 98-B, Cabula - One of the "place to go" in Salvador. Reservation is recommended and prices are a bit high. Commentary here …
  • Dona Mariquita (www) : Rua do Meio, 178, Rio Vermelho - Decorated as a “terreiro” (house of the candomblé). Leila Carreiro, the owner, proposes you traditional dishes with african inspiration.
  • Aconchego da Zuzu : Rua Quintino Bocayuva, 18, Garcia - Dona Zuzu is still present in the restaurant, in spite of her age : 100. Live music during the week-end

in the Itapagipe péninsula (north of Salvador downtown)

  • Récanto da Lua Cheia (www) : Ladeira da Pedra Furada, rua Rio Negro, 2, Monte Serrat - Traditional Cuisine not fare ffrom the Bonfim church with a nice view over the All saints bay.
  • Boca de Galinha : Rua da Estação, nº 58,  Plataforma. Tel: (71) 3398-1232  - A very special place in another world. Ask to the reception how to go there ... for midday only.

Other cuisines (Organic, fusion, international, etc.)

  • Saude Brazil (www) - in Graça district, Organic-light foods for one of the best "kilo" restaurant in town. The owner, João Telles, is a friend of Noa Noa owners.  Same district that Palacetes das Artes, that became a susidary of Rodin Museum from Paris (France) for the next 3 years. 60 pieces of art have been loaned, among them the famous « Le baiser » et « Le penseur » (www).
  • Amado (www) : Av. Contorno 660 -  next to the marina, one of the « chic » place in Salvador. Nicely decorated and open on the bay, you will have diner by the water.
  • Marina Gourmet (www) : Av. Contorno, Marina de Salvador - 7 restaurants with different theme around the marina and by the water : japanese (Soho), french (Oui), and italian (Fiona) among some other proposals.
  • Oliva Gourmet (www) : Salvador Shopping, loja 3021, 2°floor – Inside the Salvador Shopping, make a pause in one of the best « as much as you wish » restaurant in Salvador. Is worth the money.
  • Casa Lisboa (www) : Rua Manoel Dias Morais, 35 Jardim Apipema - best Portuguese restaurant in Salvador, not fare from Barra district. Nice place and specialties from Portugal and Mediterannean regions.
  • Piramide de Rio Vermelho (Cultural and gastronomic complexe) (www) - A new ultra modern place to be discovered in a typical neighborhood of Salvador.
  • Mistura (www) : Rua Professor Souza Brito, nº 41, Itapuã - Sea fruits, next to the beach of Itapua, driving north of Salvador (25km).
  • Paraguaçu (www) : At Salvador airport - Exclusive place for international cuisine.

Partying at night  ...

A Borracharia : Rua Conselheiro Luis, 101-A, Rio Vermelho. Tel : (71) 9142-0456 - During the day, it is a busy tyres repair shop. At night, tyres are piled-up, a bar open behind, a DJ arrives and ... the party begin !


Hotels / Pousadas

South of Salvador

Morro de São Paulo (www) :

  • Pousada Brisa do Caita (www)
  • Hotel Natureza (www)
  • Hotel Portalo (www) - Stephane (français)
  • Pousada Colibri (www)
  • Anima Hotel (www)

Boipeba (www) :

  • Pousada Santa Clara (www)
  • Alizées Lodge (Moreré beach) (www) - French owners.

Barra Grande (www)

  • Pousada Fruta Pao (www)
Itacaré (www)Logo_itacare-com
  • Pousada Ilha Verde (www) - Nicole & Christian (french)
  • Pousada Casa Na Mata (www) - Christophe

Trancoso (www)

North of Salvador

Imbassai / Diogo (55 km from salvador, after Praia do Forte and before Costa do Sauipé):

  • Pousada TooCool na Bahia (www) - Sophie (belgium)

Eslwhere in the Bahia state

Chapada Diamantina :

In Capão valey (www) : "Tatu na Trilha"agency operates local eco-tourism for brazilian and french speaking peoples.- Contact Claude at : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  • Pousada Camdombà (www)
  • Pousada Vila serrano  (www)
  • Hôtel Canto Das Aguas (www)  -  Luxury Hotel

Elsewhere in Bazil :

Rio de Janeiro

  • Bed & Breakfast (www) : Rua Francisco Sa, 96, Casa 03, Copacabana - Little house in a private alley in Arpoador district between Copacabana and Ipanema. A lot of french speaking peoples there.

Some other good adrdesses :

Cultural places

  • Teatro Castro Alves (www
  • Museum of Modern Art of Bahia, MAM (www)
  • The virtual art gallery of Noa Noa (yes, ... it's true !) (www)

French and European presence in Salvador

  • Alliance Française in Salvador (www)
  • European Community in Salvador (www) - Contact : Friedrich Dargel

helping people - NGO

  • "Sourir & Grandir" (FR) Salvador (www) : Rua Conde Filho, 87 - Graça (Salvadent) 40150-150 Salvador-Bahia - Contato: Dr. Bernard-Xavier Greck
  • "Points-Coeur" (www) is a international NGO, initiated in France in 1990. Working in 18 countries on 4 continents, the institution is training and sending young volunteers to live for a year in deprived places where people and especillay children need help.

Useful services :

  • Dentist (www) : French-Brazilian friends (Anna-Paula and Bernard) if you need help !