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Map and Accesses

- Click on the picture to focus on the Barra district -

Noa Noa is located at the entrance to the All Saints Bay (Baia de Todos os Santos), in the district of Barra. The most famous landmark is the "Farol". This lighthouse, which overcomes the fort that guarded the entrance to the bay, would guide you to Noa Noa wherever you are in Salvador, as the pousada is near, across the avenue.

From the International Airoport :

  • Taxi : If you need a transfer from the airport to the Pousada, we are charging R$100,00 per taxi -  (45mn from the airport)  or  R$ 180,00 IN / OUT . Please don't forget to give us your flight number and the time arrival, our taxi driver will wait for you with your name. should be requested at time of booking, thank you!
  • - Also, we do orgonize the boat to the island of Morro de Sao Paulo
    Contact us here !
  • Taxi_domingos

  • Bus : Companies "Rio Vermelho" or "Central" operate buses that are linking the airport to downtown ("da Sé" Place) passing along the shoreline and by the Farol da Barra and its neighborhood. Get off at "Farol". Duration of the trip : 30 mn. A bus is leaving each 30mn, starting at 5:30 am and finishing at 11:00pm.

From the intercity bus station (rodoviaria) :

  • Taxi : Ask to the driver : "pousada Noa Noa enfrente ao farol da barra".
  • Bus : Get the bus at the bus station in front the "Universal" church

From the marine terminal (Itaparica ferry) :

  • Taxi : Ask to the driver : "pousada Noa Noa enfrente ao farol da barra"



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