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A house ... Your house ...

Maison_NoaNoa_350x355Facing the bay and the sunset, almost at the water, a small colonial-style house is nestled between two newer buildings. It is small ... but all red, as the scarlet witness of a blazing past, as a resistance to recent times gray modernism.
Do not treat it of hotel, nor pousada ... just call it “house for a moment”. Home for those who travel and want to stop, sharing a moment of life with its owners.

AlleeLat_350x265_bGracilda and Nicolas, after many travels, have been moved by the little house that was abandoned. They gave him a new life and pushed few walls away, transforming the building into a place full of charm and character.
In a warm and smooth family-style, they welcome you today with Raimondo and Graziela that would assist you at reception and terrace. They will receive you, in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish.


In short, a house I tell you ... not a sanitized and impersonal spot. But a free place, alive, open and quiet, through which penetrates the breeze from the bay, where flowering plants color the paths that run along the house. Sometimes, laughs, or flavors from food being prepared (for breakfast), indicate the presence of an attentive but discreet personnel.

Actually, why "Noa Noa"? "Perfumed" is what it means in Tahitian. A vestige of travels in distant islands. But "Noa Noa" is also the title of a journal kept by Paul Gauguin in the early 20th century in which he describes his wonder at nature, love, sensuality and the local civilization which he discovered in Polynesia.
Noa Noa, your home for a time, it is all about that.
An ambience, homage to Gauguin on the terrace in the form of a giant portrait and on the walls ... paintings. Nicolas is a paintings lover, and if you want, he will invite you to discover paintings from Bahia.




So, this is where you find the room you are looking for, bright, comfortable and simple.
In the morning enjoy a hearty home-made breakfast, served on the terrace by an attentive staff, with the added bonus of a panoramic view of the lighthouse and the bay.
During the day, thanks to its privileged location, you can enjoy the nearby beaches, on ocean or bay, or enjoy many of festive events taking place in Salvador, including the famous carnival or the magic of Christmas Eve, or, taking a bus at a stop nearby, get in a few minutes to one of the many attractions of the city.
In the evening, enjoy the famous sunset and, during some occasions, take advantage of the fireworks spread on the bay.

So ? Are you coming in "your" house ? ...   It's Here !    Portail_120x185